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You are your organization’s greatest security risk

Nothing better predicts an organization’s likelihood of a massive security breach than founders' knowledge, priorities, and willingness to put in the effort to grasp the fundamentals of security.

Most software vulnerabilities can be traced up the chain of authority. As you build your company from the ground up, you make decisions every step of the way that will shape your future security profile. The security of your future depends on the choices you make today.

In 2017, security is a strategic advantage

It’s not a question of if your security will be compromised—it’s when and how. Even if your own software is Locked Down Tight™, you have a world of zero-day vulnerabilities, dependencies, and critical cloud services that you don't control.

You don’t want your security strategy to be: let’s hope the roulette wheel never lands on us.

There's no silver bullet to keep your business free from vulnerability. But there are critical steps you can take to avoid being the low-hanging fruit, reduce your overall risk, and mitigate the impact of a breach.

Being the kind of organization that intelligently and pragmatically prioritizes security puts you ahead of the curve. Most organizations are ignorant and ill-prepared to deal with the harsh realities of the security landscape and do very little until they’re caught off-guard with a breach.

Now is the most valuable time to invest in security

Your business will spend an immense amount of money addressing and reacting to security concerns in the future.

Security is the most costly of all technical debt. Unpaid security debt can irreparably destroy trust inside and outside an organization.

We see this all the time in our security consulting work

But it’s hard, and you know you can’t do everything. You need to make tradeoffs.

You know most of your work as a founder is to choose the right things to focus on right now. In order to do that well, you need an understanding of the implications of what the tradeoffs are.

Most organizations just look at security, shrug, and say, "We’ll think about that later.” But later never comes. And meanwhile, you will multiply your security vulnerability with every person you add to your team and every line of code you ship if you don't build a security as a foundational part of your culture.

What if you could reduce risk later with the right investment of knowledge now?

We believe you can embed security as a core value in your culture and save yourself a world of pain and a Scrooge McDuck swimming pool of money down the road.

It starts with knowledge.

Having a working understanding of security as a founder allows you to participate in conversations around security, set priorities to protect what is most valuable for your organization, wisely weigh tradeoffs, ask critical questions of your team, and make informed hires.

What if you could:

Security for Node Founders: A one-day intensive class

We’re offering a class to level-up founders’ ability to make informed decisions, participate in conversations about security in an informed way, ask critical questions, set organizational priorities, and make wise tradeoffs with an understanding of the risks involved.

With this class, we’re focusing on companies using Node in order to make all technical content as specific and relevant as possible.

Get notified when registration opens in June.

Here’s what the class will cover:

Class format

The class will have a live webinar experience with some times for Q&A. You’ll need to be on a laptop with a high-bandwidth connection.

We will record the session and all participants will receive a copy.

When you’re done with this class, you’ll have:

No technical level of expertise is required to benefit from this class.

We’ll explain things in a way that allows for technical and non-technical founders to have informed conversations about security with each other.

Who’s behind the class?

Class led by Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin has two full decades working in information security, but his expertise spans tech and business. As an experienced entrepreneur, he understands the pragmatic and focused perspective of founders based on first-hand experience.

Since its earliest days, Adam has been the leading voice for making security a core value of the Node community. His efforts in creating the Node Security Project and then gifting the project to the Node Foundation demonstrate his generous and community-driven heart.

As a teacher, he is passionate about empowering people to help their organizations embrace better security practices.

Here's some of the companies our team has served:

This class is for you if:

This class is NOT for you if:

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Get notified when registration opens in June.